Introducing Series

The future of the Mac is a Mac that can see the future.

For forty years, the humble Mac has doggedly endeavored to keep pace with the people daring to push the human race forward. But it was never quite fast enough to feel as fluid as the speed of thought.

Now, Apple Silicon puts more power in our laps than powered all of Google worldwide a generation ago. All that potential left us daydreaming about the next generation of personal computing.

We've had nightmares of computers strapped to the face and chatbots that turn our lives' work into a game of telephone. But ironically, the answer was right in front of our eyes all along.

We're bringing the predictive power of large language models to your Mac, to pre-compute what you might do next using the latent information on your screen.

Series re-imagines the Mac's fundamentals— cursor, clipboard, notifications— to unlock a more personal computer that understands how you get your life's work done and pitches in as you push the human race forward.

It's your Mac, like never before.

In alpha now. Version 1.0 coming this fall.